TechnologyThe HTC Desire - A Review

The HTC Desire – A Review


The HTC Desire is a smartphone from the Desire series. It was announced on 16 February 2010 and released in Europe in the second quarter of 2010. It was HTC’s third flagship phone and runs Android 2.1 Eclair, but can be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It is compatible with both Android 2.1 and 2.3. You can also upgrade the phone’s software to a later version if you prefer.

Some of the Features of HTC Desires may disappoint you

The HTC Desire has a relatively modern design, but some of its features may disappoint. It lacks a headphone jack, micro-USB socket, and a microSD slot, which must be accessed by removing the battery. The phone is equipped with Wi-Fi, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, 2Mbps HSUPA, and quad-band support. The HTC Desire is also capable of 4G LTE.

The HTC Desire is a good phone to try if you want to get a Sense-based phone. It’s a custom version of Android and ships with HTC’s UI. It’s possible to install a version of CyanogenMod and other tweaks that are compatible with Android. But the only downside is that it’s difficult to get hold of a stock Google App. You can download the latest beta version of Google Play Store from Google’s website.

In addition to having a great screen, the HTC Desire has a Sense UI. Unlike most phones, the Sense UI is a unique combination of style and usability. The phone’s home screen has seven customizable pages. The software also offers a wide range of widgets and shortcuts. In addition to all of these features, the HTC Desire is equipped with a microSD card, which is useful for the storage of pictures.

Its a very good choice for price

The HTC Desire is a good choice for the price. It’s priced at $779 unlocked and comes with a 2-GB microSD card. The phone has a 3.5mm audio jack. It has a nice battery and has a high-quality display. The camera on the HTC Desire is also impressive. And while the camera is not as impressive as the iPhone, it’s still quite a worthy device for the money.

The HTC Desire is an affordable smartphone for those who need a high-quality smartphone. This phone runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and has a Sense UI skin. Its home screen has a “Blinkfeed” panel, which shows information relevant to the user. You can disable it if you don’t want it to show up at all. There are standard MetroPCS apps on the phone, and the device comes with a few optional applications that make it more useful.

The HTC Desire was released in the United States, Canada, and Australia on the 15th of August 2010. The device was initially exclusive to Telstra. Other countries included the UK, Finland, and Australia, and it has been discontinued in the UK since then. The handsets were not available in all regions, and the Desire has been available in some markets since then. However, it has been discontinued in some countries. There are some problems with it.

Its a budget friendly option

The HTC Desire has a non-standard version of Android, and it requires an update from the manufacturer. The smartphone supports the Google Chat service, but it does not support Windows Live Messenger. It is possible to download the latest Android version from the HTC website. It is a good option for those who have a limited budget, but it’s recommended that you look for a phone that is compatible with the carriers you’re on.

The HTC Desire is compatible with Android and has a non-standard version of Android. You will have to update the device if you want to use it with Windows Live Messenger. The phone does not support MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. Although the phone has a super-LCD screen, it has a much higher resolution AMOLED display than a regular LCD phone. This means that it is much easier to read. Despite the differences, the Desire is still the better phone.

Some worth mentioning features

The HTC Desire’s design is somewhat underwhelming. There are no headphone jack, micro-USB socket, or microSD card. The only features worth mentioning are a dual-SIM card slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a standard Webkit browser. The HTC Desire has a decent camera, and it is a touchscreen phone. While it is not perfect, it’s better than other smartphones in many ways.

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