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The Benefits of a Virtual Phone System


If you are looking to set up your company’s communications system, then you should look into using a Virtual Phone System. Many of these services have features like call recording, time-based routing, and even number portability. If you are worried that your business might not be ready for a worldwide presence, then this virtual phone service is perfect for you. To set up your virtual phone system, log into your account and visit the settings menu. Select the language you want for your IVR, and you’re all set. Another feature is called the Call planner, which allows management to schedule calls and remind employees to perform communication tasks.

Call recording

If you’ve decided to invest in a virtual phone system, you may be wondering what the advantages are. First, the benefits include more flexibility and automation. You can now send messages, receive calls, and record conversations. In addition to calling and receiving, a virtual phone system can also allow you to make international calls. If you have an international business, you might also want to explore the advanced phone functionalities available through a virtual phone system.

Another benefit of call recording is the ability to listen to recordings immediately after you hang up the phone. This is useful for recording personal calls and for conducting a competitive analysis of your business. In addition, this feature can help you meet legal requirements and ensure that your company is compliant with your state’s laws. Virtual phone systems such as Talkroute have a simple recording feature that lets you record calls without a single interruption. You can try Talkroute’s free trial to find out if it is right for your business.

Time-based routing

Time-based routing in Virtual Phone System allows you to adjust the routing of calls if a particular time is not convenient. For example, if your business is closed during certain hours, you can set your system to forward calls to voicemail. In addition, time-based routing helps your business to better serve its customers by switching on and off different parts of the telephone system on certain days and times. Time-based routing, also called time management, uses logical timelines to open and close elements of your phone system.

When choosing a virtual phone system, make sure to check whether time-based routing is available. Having a system in place can save your business time and increase customer satisfaction. For example, if you are an entrepreneur running a partnership, time-based routing will allow you to transfer calls to the partners that are available to answer questions or provide help when it is needed. Likewise, you can forward calls to specialized agents who can offer immediate assistance.

Number portability

Portability is an important feature for businesses. Portability allows you to change your number when you’re ready to switch service providers. This process is required by law, and it’s easy to accomplish with the help of a business voice communication provider. Atlantech Online is a leading provider of business voice communications solutions. Contact us today to learn more about number portability. This service is a simple process and allows you to transfer your number without hassle.

Portability refers to the ability to maintain the same telephone number when you switch service providers. It was previously impossible to keep the same number when you changed phone providers because you would need to provide your old number to your contacts. Businesses would have to spend money advertising the new number and risk losing valuable customers. However, number portability is now possible with virtual phone systems thanks to the Telecommunications Act of 1996. This federal law mandated that local exchange carriers offer number portability in major metropolitan areas. The federal government has appointed the Number Portability Administration Center to help consumers get the best service possible.

Lack of IT specialists

Many businesses are making the switch to virtual phone systems due to their low cost and flexible features. These systems are also free of all of the constraints that traditional phone systems have, such as open circuits and telephone wire maintenance. Here are a few of the benefits of virtual phone systems. Read on to learn more about this alternative to traditional phone systems. Also read on for some red flags to avoid. Then you’ll be well on your way to a new phone system.

The biggest drawback to traditional phone systems is that they require in-house management, which can involve a dedicated IT department. IT specialists must manage extensive documentation and customization, which can be difficult for non-technical personnel. Furthermore, businesses are typically locked into long-term contracts with their phone companies, which limits mobility and flexibility. One of the typical workarounds is to pass out personal cell phone numbers. However, this approach hardly lends itself to professional polish.


When choosing a virtual phone system, consider your business’s needs over the next five years. The number of phone numbers and team members you’ll have is one factor to consider. You might also want to have international calls and other advanced features. You’ll be surprised to discover that a virtual phone system is surprisingly affordable. You can even customize your system based on your specific needs. Here are the things to consider when selecting a virtual phone system for your business.

The price of a virtual phone system varies based on several factors, including the number of locations you need to cover. You’ll likely save money on installation costs if you have several locations. However, if you have an internal IT department, you may be able to save money by eliminating some features. The scalability of new lines is also a key consideration. Many small businesses choose to have maintenance support as needed or yearly. This type of plan generally covers a certain number of hours on-site each year and any necessary equipment changes.

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