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If you want to create a stunning collage, but don’t have much time, consider using a Collage Maker Online. There are many free online tools available, and there are some paid options as well. In this article, we’ll look at Picsart, Canva, iPiccy, and VistaCreate. These websites all let you combine and edit photos to create the collage you’ve always dreamed of.


With the Picsart collage maker online, it’s easy to create personalized digital photo collages without any design experience. Simply upload photos or select from the library of free photos. Then, use the easy-to-use photo editing tools to add text, stickers, and effects. Afterwards, save your masterpiece as a print-ready PDF. Here are some of the best features of Picsart:

Choose a template to begin creating your first collage. There are over 80 collage templates to choose from, and you can narrow down your options by choosing the number of photos. If you want to use six photos, for example, select the number six and you’ll be shown a few layout options. Select the style of your layout and add more photos as needed. Once you’ve finished creating your digital collage, save it as a print or share it online.


You can create beautiful collages with Canva. The service offers a wide variety of templates and allows you to create a collage of all sorts. Simply start by choosing a blank canvas and select a template from the menu. Once you have selected a template, you’ll need to sign in to Canva so you can begin creating. Afterwards, simply drag and drop your photos and other images onto the canvas. If you want to save your design as a PDF, you can do that too.

The editing tools offered by Canva make the creation process a simple one. You can experiment with different font styles, colors, and layouts. You can also insert additional elements to enhance the final product. Then, when you’re ready, you can search for different ingredients. You can use stock images, vectors, photo effects, and an editor to add text to your picture. Depending on the layout and the style you’re trying to create, you can choose from several fonts and edit the pictures.


If you have been putting off making a collage for a long time, the iPiccy collage maker is the tool for you. This online tool allows you to add photos to any collage layout and edit them in a variety of ways. You can create a collage with one or many photos in one layout, add text and other elements, and then share the finished product via email or social networks. The collage maker allows you to import photos from your computer or Flickr account.

iPiccy has more than 60 layouts to choose from. You can modify the image spacing, roundness, and background colors to fit your preference. There is a shuffle feature available, which randomly rearranges photos in a collage. You can also adjust the size and position of images within a collage using iPiccy’s drag-and-drop feature. It’s easy to create a collage that looks good and is perfect for sharing.


You can find all of the tools you need to create a beautiful collage on VistaCreate. You don’t have to be an expert in graphic design to use VistaCreate, as it comes with thousands of professionally designed templates. Simply drag and drop images onto the templates to start creating your collage. Then, VistaCreate saves your progress automatically. This website is perfect for a variety of purposes, from personal use to commercial design.

If you’re not a design guru, there’s a free plan with unlimited templates and 500+ professionally-designed templates. It also comes with a library of more than 50M free media files and premium photos and videos. You can even edit these images and create custom visuals without hiring a professional. The best part is, the program is completely free to download. You can choose from a wide variety of themes and add photos, graphics, video clips, and more.


If you’re in the mood for an instant art project, piZap is the collage maker for you. This site combines collage-making tools that are easy to use and produce professional-quality results. The site comes with a huge collection of collage layouts and a variety of colorful stickers to choose from. PiZap is the perfect collage maker for those who want to create an artistic masterpiece on a budget.

It offers an extensive gallery of layouts, borders, templates, and effects. The program includes templates for social media art, postcards, and posters. It supports multiple platforms and has both a free and paid version. Both versions feature cloud storage and many photo editing tools. Users can export their creations to multiple platforms. They can even print them directly from the browser, which is a major perk of this collage maker online

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