newsAfter Netanyahu extends an invitation amid the Gaza conflict,...

After Netanyahu extends an invitation amid the Gaza conflict, Biden considers visiting Israel.


The attendance of the US president may be interpreted by the Arab world as tone-deaf or by Iran as a confrontational act. President Joe Biden is considering travel to Israel in the next days, but no preparations have been finalized, according to a top US presidential manager, as the Israeli army keeps shelling the afflicted Palestinian enclave of Gaza every day.There was dread of an impending Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, leading to fears of a wider war without disastrous humanitarian consequences. So far, the Israeli shelling of Gaza has resulted in the lives of at least 2,750 Palestinians. Furthermore, the Arab world may perceive Biden’s visit as either a confrontational or tone-deaf gesture by Iran considering the growing toll of civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip..This week, US Secretary of State Blinken, Antony, traveled around the Middle East in the hope of preventing the conflict between Hamas, the organization that controls Gaza, and his soldiers from getting worse and sparking a wider regional catastrophe.The person, who talked to The Associated Press news agency on Sunday in an anonymous manner, was prohibited from publicly discussing internal discussions around the possible presidential trip.

Big error

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes that aired on Sunday, Biden also made his strongest public remarks to date to constrain Israel in the wake of Hamas’ October 7 attacks, which claimed the lives of over 1,400 people in southern Israel, including at least 30 US citizens. He warned that Israel shouldn’t reoccupy Gaza.

“I believe it would be a grave error,” stated Biden. “Look, what transpired in Gaza is, in my opinion, the work of Hamas, and not all Palestinians are represented by the organization’s radical factions. Furthermore, I believe that Israel would err if it attempted to seize Gaza once more.Hamas emerged victorious in the 2005 elections after Israel withdrew from Gaza.Nevertheless, “removing the extremists… is a necessary requirement,” stated Biden.Israel and its bombing operation, which has killed people in Gaza, haven’t faced any harsh remarks from Biden or his administration.

However, they have pleaded with Israel, Egypt, and other countries to let the entry of supplies and humanitarian aid into the increasing crisis area.“I have faith that Israel will operate within the parameters of war,” Biden stated during the interview.Democratic nations and institutions adhere to certain principles.I also have no doubt that food, water, and medicine will soon be accessible to the homeless in Gaza.Meanwhile, Blinken heard the words of Abdel Fattah el-Sis the leader of Egypt, denouncing Israel’s military operation. He was supposed to come back to Israel on Monday, but he left Cairo for Jordan. He was going to provide Israeli officials with insights from his premature talks with Arab leaders.Egypt’s official media reported that El-Sisi forewarned Blinken that Israel’s Gaza assault has transcended “the right of self-defence” and turned into “a collective punishment.”Israel has the right, indeed it has the obligation to defend itself against these attacks from Hamas and to try to do what it can to make sure that this never happens again,” Blinken before his trip out of Egypt.Being cognizant of the possible human cost in Gaza, Blinken stated, “The manner in which Israel Is this relevant? It must do so while exercising every effort to prevent harm to civilians and upholding the common values that we share for human life and dignity.The ambassador’s discussions with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh earlier on Sunday built upon previous meetings with the presidents of Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, and the United Arab Emirates.

“A determination of shared view that we have to make sure this doesn’t spread to other places, a shared view to safeguard innocent lives, a shared view to get assistance to Palestinians in Gaza who need it and we’re working very much on that,” Blinken said in all of his meetings with Arabian League leaders.

Standard principles

David Satterfield, a former ambassador to Turkey and Lebanon, was also named by the White House to head US efforts to provide humanitarian aid to “vulnerable people through the Middle East.” On Monday, Satterfield was supposed to land in Israel.

The national security adviser to Vice President Biden stated from Washington that the US was not “making requests or demands of Israel with respect to its military operations.”

The administration is “simply stating our basic principles – the principles upon which this country is based and upon which all democracies, including Israel, are based,” according to Jake Sullivan, who was making the rounds of Sunday TV news shows. We distinguish ourselves from the terrorists by actually respecting civilian life.

He declared that the US was “not meddling with their military strategy or attempting to provide them with precise instructions or demands.

According to Sullivan, both publicly and privately, the US is expressing its belief that “all military operations should be conducted consistent with law of war, that civilians should be protected, that civilians should have a real opportunity to get to safety,” and that they should also have access to supplies like food, water, shelter, and medical care.

Following their hearing of the concerns of Arab leaders, the US administration has changed its tone somewhat, as seen by those remarks.

These leaders discussed the dire humanitarian effects that an Israeli ground offensive would bring about for the Palestinian people, as well as the agitation of public sentiment in Arab countries and the possible destabilization of neighboring countries.

Sullivan added that the US hasn’t been able to evacuate American nationals from Gaza through Gaza’s Rafah crossing point with Egypt.

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