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Tips For Buying a Grow Tent


Clean your Grow Tent regularly, removing dust and debris from duct socks, air vents, and mylar surfaces. Deep cleaning should be done after every harvest or two and before a new grow. You can use bug bombs, which are effective in killing bugs, and wipe down surfaces with disinfectant soap or water after using them.

Infrared light

A growing tent with fluorescent lights should be well ventilated as they can generate a lot of heat. This can lead to burning of the leaves and roots of your plants. If you don’t like the idea of using fluorescent lights in your tent, you should try a different type. Fluorescent lights are good because they have low power consumption and do not require ballasts or cooling. In addition, they have a long service life.

Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis, but they also have automatic defenses that limit their exposure to the sun. If they are covered by other plants, they lose the chance of getting direct sunlight. However, they tend to receive light through the taller leaves, taking in high levels of infrared light. This triggers the survival mechanism in the plants.

Mesh vents

The exhaust from your grow tent should be vented outside of your home. However, many home growers prefer to vent the exhaust into their attic. In such a situation, the exhaust will likely be mixed with the room air. This means that the air inside the tent will be warmer than the surrounding air, which can lead to a higher risk of detection by IR cameras and helicopters.

There are several advantages to grow tents that include mesh vents. These vents can help keep moisture and odors at bay. The ideal humidity level for a grow tent is around 50% during vegging and flowering. A good ventilation system will eliminate saturated humid air, preventing mold and mites from damaging your plants.

Access doors

There are several benefits to having access doors in your grow tent. First of all, they can make your life easier. They allow you to access all parts of the tent without having to unzip it. They also provide a convenient place to keep tools and nutrients. Secondly, they provide a good view of what’s happening inside.

Access doors are a must-have. Without them, your grow tent will not be safe. Another disadvantage of inferior grow tents is that they may be difficult to assemble or tear while setting them up. Some grow tents also have poor zippers and doorways that can make it difficult to reach your plants. Other disadvantages include a lack of a warranty, which means no protection for the buyer. Also, the access doors should be easy to open and close so you won’t have to strain yourself to reach your plants.

Weight of equipment

When you decide to buy a grow tent, be sure to choose one with a sturdy frame. The frames are typically made from metal or plastic. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. Metal frames are strong but also can be brittle. Fortunately, these structures can support a surprising amount of weight. The frames of the Yield Lab and Gorilla Grow Tents, for example, claim to be able to support more than 110 pounds of equipment.

It is important to weigh the weight of the equipment you will be using in the grow tent. Most cheap tents on Amazon are not designed to accommodate the weight of most equipment. A traditional grow light, carbon filter, and inline fan can easily weigh up to 100 pounds. If you use the wrong grow tent, this weight could cause it to collapse, causing a fire. Therefore, it is always better to buy a higher-quality tent than a cheap one.

Size of tent

You should decide the size of your Grow Tent by first figuring out the number of plants you want to grow. A standard, five-foot Grow Tent is a good size for two extra large plants or sixteen small plants. If you’re planning on drying your crops, you can place shelves in the tent to maximize the vertical space. A removable suspended mesh drying rack is another great option that can fit inside the tent. The mesh ensures even drying and many models fold away easily when not in use.

Observation windows allow you to check on your plants without having to open the tent. A heavy-duty zipper is also an important feature. This will help prevent it from ripping or becoming damaged. In addition, grow tents usually come with an inner tool bag and separate floor trays.

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