BusinessThree Ways to Write Research Objectives

Three Ways to Write Research Objectives


The best way to write your research objectives is to make them clear. Your objectives should explain why you are conducting the research. They should be SMART, Observable, Measurable, and Transferable. The objectives should also be concise and clearly state your goals. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways to write research objectives. The ABCD method may also be used to write your objectives. Regardless of which method you decide to use, make sure your goals are clear and SMART.

SMART criteria

While you may think that measurable goals are easier to measure, that’s not always the case. The best goals are ones that are answerable and can be completed within a reasonable timeframe. These goals also have a specific timeline for completion. If they’re not, they may need ongoing revisions. Here are some examples of SMART research objectives. Using these criteria will help you ensure your goals are measurable and realistic.

ABCD method

The ABCD method for writing research objectives has become an effective tool to achieve research goals. It’s a three-page guide with specific examples, a cheat sheet, and a Bloom’s Taxonomy reference. Using this method, you can create well-written learning objectives to communicate your expectations to students, administration, and faculty. The process helps you create a statement of learning outcomes that is specific, measurable, and realistic.


Observable research objectives involve the use of observational methods. This method is used in social science and marketing, as the variables are not created. One type of observational research is natural observational research, where a researcher records what is happening in front of him/her. Examples of natural observational research include observing animals in the wild. Participant observation involves the researcher interacting with subjects, asking questions, taking notes, taking pictures, and performing other record-keeping tasks.


Measurable research objectives should be achievable, measurable, and time-constrained. The research objective should include a main objective and one or more sub-objectives. Ideally, the main objective will be similar to the title of the research. Once you have a main objective, you must determine how to measure it. The sub-objectives can be smaller goals that help you narrow down the focus of your research.

Connected to research problem

To write a research report, you must begin with the definition of a research problem. This is the area of concern, difficulty, or doubt that the research will explore. It should point to the need for further investigation or understanding. The research objectives, on the other hand, should be specific and clear statements of what you hope to accomplish during the research. They serve as milestones that will guide your work and help you gauge your progress.

Out of scope

Out of scope research objectives are those that cannot be accomplished in the time and resources available. Out of scope research objectives require that the research be conducted throughout the project lifecycle, from the initial idea to the final report. Regardless of the research objective, these goals should be clear and communicated to decision-makers and stakeholders. If they are not, the project will fail to meet its goals and be reworked later on in more time and resources.

Possible sources of justification

Justification is the explanation of the rationale for a study. It may include an explanation of the research design and methods. Sometimes, a researcher may feel the need to justify the research question or objectives based on personal experience or a lack of information in the field. In such cases, the researcher may turn to literature reviews to provide justification for his or her study. The rationale for research is an essential part of any research proposal.

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