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The Electric String Quartet is a classical crossover quartet, consisting of two violinists, a cellist, and a pianist. The group has achieved international success and has captured the attention of fans of new classical music. They have helped change the musical landscape and paved the way for a whole new modern music scene. Despite being positioned in the shadow of many famous classical artists, they are comprised of four women who are classically trained. The quartet is based in Bucharest, Romania.

Sahara is a female violin group with saxophone

One of the most exciting things about Electric String Quartet Sahara is their unique show format. They perform classical music with a twist and incorporate saxophone and flute into their shows. In addition to their traditional repertoire, Sahara can also perform contemporary string quartet music and have developed a DJ Live show that incorporates their instruments. You’ll be amazed at their versatility and how well they blend their instruments.

The members of the electric string quartet are all professional musicians with extensive training in classical violin, saxophone and percussion. They have performed at numerous events including the opening ceremony of the Rugby League season in front of 18,000 people in London’s DW Stadium. The group is also available for events, including private parties and corporate events. Here’s a look at some of their recent performances.

Electric String Quartet is a classically trained string quartet

The world’s first all-female electric string ensemble, the Electric String Quartet, has been wowing audiences with their electrifying live show. They’ve played in prestigious venues including the Royal Albert Hall, St. James Palace and the Tower of London, and have performed for numerous celebrity guests, signed artists and even Brit-winning singers. These four talented musicians combine classical training with a wide range of styles, resulting in an electrifying show that captivates audiences everywhere.

The Emerald Electric String Quartet, based in Atlanta, has won several awards and is known for its innovative and exciting performances. This group’s music has won over the corporate world and has been a huge hit at events for years. The group is available for private and public performances and is sure to impress. To book this exciting music group for your next event, contact them today! They’ll leave you speechless!

They perform a high-impact choreographed show

If you’re planning an evening of high-impact music, you may want to hire a high-quality electric string quartet. Asteria are a group of four glamorous girls who have studied at top conservatoires. They have performed all over the world, and their high-energy shows feature impressive musicianship and slick choreography. Whether you’re looking for a unique entertainment option for a party, corporate event, or special event, you’ll love the sound of a high-impact show by this talented group.

Known for their innovative arrangements of popular songs, the Electric String Quartet are perfect for your event. The group fuses classical talent with creativity and performance to create a high-impact live show. As the genre of classical music evolves, so do the group’s performance options. They can play as a string ensemble, complete with saxophone or perform a high-impact choreographed show in conjunction with a DJ club set.

They have appeared on TV shows in Greece and Cyprus

The Greek Electric String Quartet have become an international sensation, appearing on many TV programs, including the finals of the Final Four of the Champions League Volleyball competition, which was broadcast live in fifty-two countries. The group has also appeared on Greek Prime Time TV shows, including “Greek X-Factor live” and “Awards of the Year.” The quartet has performed at numerous concerts and events, including medical conventions, television programs, and music festivals.

The quartet is composed of violinist Basil “Baz” Kouriakis, born in 1949 in Athens, Greece. He spent most of the late sixties touring with the traditional Folk quartet Ta Vea Tambouras. His instrument, the santouri, is unusual and unique, and his compositions are now being performed around the world. The quartet has had many successful recordings and appearances on TV and radio shows and has embraced modern recording technology to bring authentic Greek music to a wide audience.

They are the best-selling string quartet in the history of the music industry

The Electric String Quartet has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. The group was formed in 2008, and in just over three years, they released two albums, hired a manager, and lined up an extensive concert schedule across the globe. In fact, the group toured and performed around the world for more than two years without a single apartment, and the players relying on friends and family for temporary housing and stowing their possessions in storage. However, only last year, did the group secure their own apartment in New York City.

The group is composed of cellist Gay-Yee Westerhoff, violist Elspeth Hanson, and violinist Tania Davis. Together, they’ve released four studio albums, including the platinum-selling Classified. The group’s debut album, ‘Storm’, reached double platinum in Australia, and they have been touring for the past few years in support of Help the Heroes and Pink Floyd.

They are a cross-over group

The Sahara String Quartet is a classically-influenced crossover group, featuring a saxophone and violins. The group is known for their live performances and a wide variety of music styles, from classical to pop to hip-hop. Sahara’s saxophonist doubles on flute, and the group has developed a high-impact DJ Live show to complement their performances.

This versatile and popular act is a perfect option for a concert or event. The electric string quartet gives a real wow factor and is a welcome change from the more conventional classical string quartets. Originally, the concept of the electric string quartet began with the all-female String Quartet Bond, which is now used by countless bands across the world. This group’s sound is a perfect match for high-energy dance parties, corporate events, and festivals.

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