HealthSelf-Administration Devices for Diabetes

Self-Administration Devices for Diabetes


Dual-chamber syringes

The dual-chamber syringe is an important tool for self-administration. It is easy to use and eliminates the need for multiple steps involved in the reconstitution of the drug. The dual chamber prevents the need for a medical professional to handle the drug, making it more convenient for patients.

The two main types of dual-chamber devices are syringes and pen injectors. The syringe segment is further subdivided into single-use and reusable versions. This type of device has several advantages, including cost savings and branding opportunities. Increasing numbers of lyophilized drugs are driving demand for these devices.

Dual-chamber pens

Dual-chamber pens are an option for self-injection of diabetes medications. These devices combine insulin and a non-injectable substance called a GLP-1 analog to control blood sugar levels. As a result, they provide greater ease of use and convenience.

Dual-chamber pens for self-injection have several advantages over other injection devices. The design of a dual-chamber pen provides a unique convenience for diabetes treatment. These devices are more convenient than single-use devices, and they offer a branding opportunity. The growing availability of lyophilized drugs is driving the market for dual-chamber pens for self-injection.

Enable Injections

Enable Injections is a company that has built a promising platform on the strength of self-administration devices. While multiple companies offer devices to deliver small volumes of drugs, Enable specializes in larger volumes, 5 to 50 ml. By cornering this market, Enable has positioned itself to take advantage of sustainable trends. The pharmaceutical pipeline is dominated by biologics, which unlock novel biology and address complex unmet medical needs.

While a mechanical syringe is typically used for single-dose medications, biologic therapies require large volumes. These drugs are not easily administered by a person without the help of a healthcare professional. Fortunately, Enable Injections has developed a device that can deliver large volumes of medication with minimal pain. It also reduces the warming time and eliminates the need to change the main container.


The Aidaptus Self-Administration Device is a single-use auto-injector that offers a versatile design and intuitive delivery. It accommodates one and two-mL glass syringes and features an independent two-phase needle insertion. It is easy to use and maintains a slim profile.

The Aidaptus self-administration device incorporates novel self-adjusting plunger technology that automatically adapts to the fill volume of different syringes. Designed to be user-friendly, Aidaptus has the ability to reduce patient anxiety and improve adherence. The device features a user-friendly interface and audible feedback to ensure that the patient is using the device correctly.

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