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Selena Gomez Reveals Current Relationship Status


While it’s safe to assume that Selena Gomez is happily single, the singer has had a turbulent dating history. In a Vogue Australia article published in 2021, she described her relationships as “curses.” Then, she reportedly took a break from dating for two years. She said that she was “flying solo” for the past two years. Although fans were eager for her to get back in the dating game, she remained mum about her personal life. However, she has been posting on social media, and her recent videos show no sign of romance.

Selena Gomez has said that She is Single, Rumors of her Dating Chris Evans have Continued to Swirl

Despite the rumors of her relationships, the singer has always remained single. Recently, she was spotted attending a concert with Zen Matoshi and the two were accompanied by a photographer. While Selena Gomez has said that she is single, rumors of her dating Chris Evans have continued to swirl. In July, the actor followed the pop star on Instagram. Although Gomez has yet to comment on the reports, she’s remained very open about her single life.

Selena Gomez explains why she’s single. The singer addressed the problem with trouble men in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times. She said that she’d been attracting a lot of attention from men while shooting her new movie, Only Murders in the Building. In the video, both of them were seen making PDA in front of the camera and making skeptical faces. After the video was posted, Gomez captioned it, “Maybe this’s why I’m single!”

Selena Gomez has Clarified her Love life by Posting Hilarious videos on her Instagram page

The singer has also made a TikTok video where she lip synched to a popular King Nas audio. In the video, the man gives the woman compliments, but she’s not taking them seriously. Often, Selena Gomez has clarified her love life by posting hilarious videos on her Instagram page. Interestingly, her response to the rumor of her dating Chris Evans was, “Maybe this is why I’m still single.”

The teen sensation hasn’t publicly dated since she broke up with Justin Bieber in early 2018. The two had been linked for a few years. The singer’s recent split from the rap star in 2013 and marriage to actress Hailey Bieber in early 2018 sparked speculation about their dating life. In the video, she mouths the popular sound of King Nas in a romantic context.

She had a long-term Relationship with Justin Bieber

The teen sensation had a long-term relationship with Justin Bieber in the spring of 2018. The two had a brief on-and-off relationship, and they later married. In March, she revealed her true relationship status with the Weeknd, a long-term romance lasting ten months. But in November 2018, they broke up after the rumors began. The relationship ended in November 2018.

It seems that the teenage singer is single. In fact, the star was recently spotted at a concert with her best friend, Cara. The couple had no further romantic relationship. In a previous interview with the Los Angeles Times, the star talked about her trouble-making relationships with other men. In a PDA video, she mocked a video of a man flirting with a woman.

In addition to revealing her current relationship status, the star has also been spotted with The Weeknd and Justin Bieber. The teen sensation had been dating Nick Jonas since December, but her recent TikTok video was more candid. But the singer has not confirmed whether she is dating any of these men. In the meantime, she has been dating a guy named Jimmy Butler for months.

Selena Gomez Mouthed the Popular King Nas Sound

In an infamous video on TikTok, Selena Gomez mouthed the popular King Nas sound. The clip was a comedy about a guy trying to win a woman. In the video, she appeared in a sexy dress and lip-syncs to the song. The clip also shows a man who had a crush on her.

The pop star hasn’t publicly dated anyone since her relationship with Justin Bieber in 2011. She is probably tired of the same old love. She is clearly single. If she is, why not? But then again, you can’t blame her for being tired of the same old guy. After all, she is a celebrity. But it is important to understand that a relationship is not a one-night stand.

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