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When looking for the best online yoga studios, there are many options available. There is Yogi Nora, CPY on Demand, Cosmic Kids, and Yogi Approved, to name a few. All of these services provide quality videos with live instructors. However, finding the right online yoga studio can be a challenge.

Yogi Nora

Online Yoga with Yogi Nora is an excellent resource for people who are new to yoga or want to deepen their practice. The videos are over an hour long and focus on spiritual connection to yoga practice. They are great for people who want a quiet, gentle yoga practice. In addition to the videos, Yogi Nora also provides helpful information on nutrition and the power of prayer.

The site also offers virtual yoga classes, as well as articles written by seasoned teachers. These articles can provide valuable guidance on the different styles of yoga, and can even provide a dictionary for yoga terms. The service is free for 14 days and offers discounts on yoga apparel.

CPY on Demand

CPY on Demand is a subscription-based online yoga program that offers a wide variety of classes. The classes are designed to incorporate traditional yoga with strength training. They range from one to 60 minutes long and can be streamed online or downloaded to watch on the go. You can try CPY on Demand for free for a week, after which you can pay $49 a month for unlimited access. To cancel your membership, you must cancel at least 14 days before your next billing date.

CPY on Demand offers the same quality of yoga classes as the traditional versions, including a two-hour cancellation window. The classes are booked online and can be accessed anytime you want. Once purchased, you will have access to CPY on Demand and CPY Live.

Cosmic Kids

When it comes to kids’ yoga videos, Cosmic Kids is a hit. This app is ad-free and includes videos on yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation. Parents can use it to supplement their children’s regular physical activity. The app has been downloaded over a million times!

The videos are fun and educational. They teach kids yoga and mindfulness through interactive adventures. The program also includes a teacher training course. There are also helpful resources and class plans to help you create your own classes. The videos are geared towards children of all ages and can be used by the entire family.

Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved is a subscription-based online yoga service with hundreds of yoga classes. Whether you are a beginner or a yoga enthusiast, you’ll find a class to suit your needs. Choose from beginner yoga, restorative yoga, and meditative yoga to find the perfect yoga practice for you. And every time you take a class, Yogi Approved plants a tree in support of the Earth’s ecosystem.

You can try Yogi Nora’s online yoga classes for free for two weeks before making the decision to subscribe. You can then choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan. You can also download videos to watch offline. This platform has a wide range of content, including videos on eating organic, following a vegan diet, and the power of prayer.


The yoga teacher has made it a career and is now one of the most followed women on social media. Stanley began her yoga practice 10 years ago and aims to help more people start their own journeys. But she is not sure if sharing her practice on social media will become a long-term goal. She also isn’t comfortable with having a large following.

Stanley has traveled the country teaching yoga workshops to people of all shapes and sizes. Her Instagram account has gotten her significant media coverage, including stories from Good Morning America, the New York Times, Glamour, Shape, Al Jazeera English, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail. She won the 2016 Shortie Award for social media, and she currently resides in Durham, North Carolina.

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