BusinessMotorcycle Paint Shop - Part II

Motorcycle Paint Shop – Part II


Before you begin your bike’s makeover, you will want to choose a paint color. You can use a variety of colors and techniques, and there are many great options available. You can choose to use spray putty or primer. Part II of this article will cover the steps involved in painting a bike. Read on to learn more! Here are some resources to get you started:

Mike Learn Airbrush and Design

In his first Motorcycle Paint Shop seminar, Mike learns how to apply airbrush designs and pin-up art to motorcycles. In addition to pin-up art, he discusses airbrush fire techniques. He also discusses how to apply skulls. Mike’s aim was to keep the class interesting and challenging. He even taught students how to streamline their files and colors. It’s all about the process, not just the results.

Since childhood, Mike Learn has been artistic and has turned his hobby into a business. He first burst onto the custom motorcycle paint scene in the late 90s. In 2004, he won the Easyriders Painter of the Year Award, a prestigious honor that pushed him into overdrive. Over the years, he has painted thousands of bikes, for clients and builders alike. The renowned Mike Learns Airbrush and Design for Motorcycle Paint Shop is the result of Mike’s passion and experience.

Terry McCall

You’ve probably heard of Terry McCall’s Motorcycle Paint Shop, but do you know where to find the best custom paint jobs? The owner and painter, Terry McCall, has been custom painting motorcycles for over twenty years. His work has been featured in numerous motorcycle magazines and on television shows, including Extreme Machines. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a simple custom motorcycle paint job or something a little more extravagant, Terry McCall’s is the place to go. Terry McCall’s paint shop also has a young painter, Jason McCall, who works for him.

Crazy Horse Painting

Joann Bortles, owner of Crazy Horse Painting in Waxhaw, North Carolina, has been painting custom motorcycles for more than 28 years. She began by painting old gas tanks and eventually moved onto motorcycle parts. She has won numerous awards for her work, including “Best Motorcycle Paint of the Year” and “PPG’s Top Five Most Outstanding Paint Award.”

The artist uses his expertise to paint everything from cars to motorcycles, from album covers to murals. The artist has even painted an abandoned British motorcycle! In addition to custom bikes, he has painted motorcycles for other bands. For the Indian Project Scout 3K Challenge, you can vote on the bike of your choice. This contest ends on the 31st of May. While you’re there, don’t forget to vote!


If you’re looking for a professional motorcycle paint shop, look no further than MCCALLCOLORS. Known for their custom work, these guys have been custom painting bikes for over 20 years. Some of their custom paint jobs have even been featured on the TV show Extreme Machines. They’re a family run business, and Terry McCall will always be there to give you his honest opinion. Owner and painter Jason McCall is a talented young painter.

Ducati Triumph custom paint shop

You’ll find many places to take your motorcycle to get a custom paint job, but where should you go for the best results? A Ducati Triumph custom paint shop can offer many services, including a wide variety of custom paint jobs. Here are some examples of the things you can expect from such a shop. You’ll find a host of options to choose from, including custom tank badges, flames stripes, and more.

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