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Learn About the Different Types of Classical Instruments


If you’ve always wanted to learn more about classical instruments, there are plenty of websites offering helpful information. For example, you can learn about the oboe, English horn, baroque serpent, and violin. However, if you’d like to play a particular instrument, you should be aware of the various types of instruments and their respective parts.


The oboe is one of the most complex musical instruments, and there are many different types. In fact, you can even customize an oboe for your child to match his or her style. Here are four different kinds of oboes to consider.

The oboe has a unique history and is one of the oldest instruments in classical music. During the late 18th century, the French made many innovations that improved the instrument, including an increasingly complex key system. By 1840, the number of keys on an oboe had grown to fourteen. The French were also influenced by Boehm’s flute, and they applied his philosophy to the oboe.

English horn

The English horn is an under-appreciated instrument outside the orchestral world. Its predecessor was thought to be inspired by the horns played by angels in medieval religious images. Today, there are several English horn players in the world, including famous oboist Elizabeth Starr Masoudna.

The English horn is a double-reed woodwind instrument, which produces its distinctive sound by passing air through reeds made from cane, similar to bamboo. The reeds vibrate in different ways, each generating a different sound. The air is then forced through a narrow piece of wood or plastic, connected to the instrument by a curved metal tube.

Baroque serpent

The serpent is a type of baroque instrument with a unique shape. It resembles a double ‘S’ and was invented by Edme Guillaume in the late sixteenth century. It was used as an accompaniment to male voices in choral and sacred music. It was also used by the military, where it served as a bass voice in ensembles.

Originally made of wood, the serpent was later made of brass, plastic, synthetic foam resins, or paper mache. These instruments are very difficult to play, requiring high-quality technique and an exceptionally centered tone. Later, the serpent was replaced by the Ophicleide and other instruments, including the trombone.


The violin is a versatile instrument with a unique sound and a long history in classical music. The instrument’s tone is well-suited to melody lines and it is renowned for its agility and ability to execute difficult sequences of notes. Since the Baroque era, the violin has been the instrument of choice for classical musicians.

Violinists move between the different positions of the instrument by shifting one or more fingers up the violin neck. The guide finger is usually used for this process. For example, a player moving from the first position to the fourth position will use the last finger of the first position as their guide finger. They will then move the whole hand to the fourth position. It is important to note that during the shift, the guide finger should not press down on the string but slide down it.


Contrabassoon is a classical instrumental in the violin family. Its history dates back to the 18th century and the Viennese opera house. It was a common instrument in Beethoven’s orchestra from 1811 to 1824. In Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, for example, the orchestra included two contrabassoons. Although Beethoven did not write a part specifically for the contrabassoon, he may have used it to bolster the bass line. The instrument also makes appearances in recordings of early classical composers.

The contrabassoon is a versatile instrument that is loved by composers such as Beethoven, Mahler, and Strauss. The instrument’s expressive tone has led composers to write works that feature solo lines and accompaniment. Some of these works have even been performed with the contrabassoon as the solo instrument.

Percussion instrument

There are various percussion instruments used in classical music. The marimba is an example, which has resonators made of wood and plastic. Another popular percussion instrument is the vibraphone, which has rotating disks and a rod powered by an electric motor. Both instruments create an ethereal sound that suggests a dance. Other instruments include the glockenspiel, a miniature xylophone, which has metal bars.

Percussion instruments can be well known or regional. While they are not the main focus of any musical selection, they play a vital role in accentuating a melody and adding the finishing touches to a performance.


The Saxophone is a classical instrument of the wind family, which has evolved over the past century. Originally, the instrument’s keywork was similar to that of the bass clarinet, a woodwind instrument. However, the instrument’s original design had some disadvantages, including an uneven fingering scheme. This made it difficult to play fast legato passages and create wide intervals. To combat these problems, the instrument underwent several changes to make it more comfortable to play.

Although the Saxophone is an easy instrument to play, it’s important to know that it’s not for everyone. Many students who learn this instrument don’t come from musical families. While many dream of becoming the next rock or pop sax star, others gravitate toward the straight classical playing style. Regardless of the student’s goals, it’s important to help them develop the full potential of the instrument.

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