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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home


Nursing homes are residential care facilities for elderly and/or disabled individuals. They may also be referred to as skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities, rest homes, or convalescent homes. There are several important aspects to look for when choosing a nursing home. The staff should be certified by the state and have experience in caring for patients.

Residents’ Bill of Rights

Under federal law, every resident in a nursing home is entitled to dignity, access to information, and privacy. They also have the right to participate in activities within and outside the facility, and to communicate with others. This bill of rights also provides for reasonable visits from family and friends. It also guarantees that residents are treated with respect and provided with an environment conducive to their well-being. The law also mandates that facilities comply with state certification procedures and conduct regular surveys of residents.

As part of the Residents’ Bill of Rights for Nursing Homes, residents are entitled to receive certain standards of care. These rights include the right to review medical records and the right to participate in treatment decisions. These rights also protect them from retaliation if they wish to file grievances. Knowing their legal rights can help residents obtain better care and deal with the costs of long-term residential care.


Nursing homes must have proper staffing levels to identify residents who may wander off, especially in isolated rooms. In addition, residents should be properly supervised and trained to identify signs of wandering. It’s also important to install door alarms to alert staff when residents go missing. About half of all wandering incidents occur in the first 14 days after admission. In addition, a nursing home should secure the exterior doorways and install video surveillance to help ensure resident safety. GPS patient tags can also be used to alert staff if a resident wanders off-site.

The staff at nursing homes are often made up of a variety of individuals with varied backgrounds and qualifications. While some are directly responsible for the care of residents, others work in the background, supporting the residents. Frequent meetings and communication between staff members help build trust and a shared understanding of patient care. Staff members should also be encouraged to seek additional training as necessary.


The layout of a nursing home is important for many reasons. First, it should allow for better circulation for residents. A nursing home with dead-end corridors will only make residents feel frustrated and will push them toward nurse stations. Instead, it should have looped corridors that allow residents to move freely. These corridors can even serve as a social area where residents can visit.

Residents also need to feel like they are at home. A familiar interior design is a huge help when it comes to creating a homey atmosphere for residents. Personal belongings are important to many residents, and a nursing home should provide enough space for each resident’s needs. The design should reflect the residents’ tastes and personality, and if possible, they should bring some of their furniture with them from home.

Staff certifications

Staff certifications at a nursing home are important to ensure that residents are receiving high-quality care. Registered nurses, for example, are trained to assess a resident’s needs and create a care plan. These nurses typically have two to six years of training. Licensed vocational nurses, on the other hand, have a one to two-year educational background.

Many nursing homes have many different types of employees. They may consist of a variety of specialized staff who do not directly care for residents, such as personal care attendants, registered nurses, and other positions that require specialized training. They also may include specialized support staff who assist with accounting and other internal tasks, but are not directly responsible for patient care.


There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of nursing homes. While it’s not cheap to stay in a nursing home, the services they offer are top-notch. In addition to providing constant medical attention, these facilities also offer socialization opportunities for seniors. Additionally, they take away the burden of housekeeping and running errands.

The cost of nursing home care varies from state to state. Using data from the nursing home industry, Mukamel et al. 6 studied the relationship between regulation intensity and direct operating costs. The study used three years of data to estimate the effect of regulation on costs. This longitudinal design overcomes the limitations of cross-sectional studies, and helps researchers identify differences in cost because of regulatory intensity.


Responsibilities of a nursing-home administrator include ensuring the well-being of all residents and staff. They also oversee the work of nursing-home employees and ensure compliance with government regulations. In addition to these tasks, they plan activities for the residents and staff, and oversee the financial aspects of the facility. They also oversee the development of new training programs, as well as implement disciplinary measures.

In addition to overseeing staff training, the Responsibilities of a nursing-home administrator also must ensure that the facility meets fire and sanitizing codes. They also have to ensure that residents and staff members are fed nutritious meals. Nursing homes also must ensure that the facility is secured against trespassing. Moreover, many elders require regular medication, and missing or wrongly administering these medications can cause minor or severe health emergencies.


One in five older adults will need to transition from a hospital to a nursing home at some point during their lifetime. These transfers typically occur due to health problems that can’t be managed at home. Fortunately, new technology can help with the process. An innovative group of tools developed by UNC School of Nursing assistant professor Mark Toles can help ensure a successful transfer home.

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