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How to Use a Load Board to Negotiate With Brokers


A freight board is a platform that allows carriers to find and post loads. They can input information about the pickup and delivery points and the board will populate a list of loads available for that particular lane. These boards also allow carriers to check the number of posted trucks in their lane. Once they have a list of available loads, they can then begin searching for a truck to transport them.

Dispatch Board

A quality load board can make negotiating with brokers much easier. Load boards from DAT, for example, give truckers data on specific lanes and market rates based on real-time transactions. Having such data available helps you negotiate better rates, which can increase your bottom line. But self-dispatching isn’t right for everyone. You must have the time to search for freight on a regular basis and a certain amount of confidence to negotiate with brokers.

DAT is the largest truckload marketplace in the business, with over 500 million trucks posted each year. By utilizing a DAT load board, you can find loads faster and increase your bottom line. In addition to enabling you to find loads faster and more efficiently, the platform also offers analytical tools and insight to help you maximize the profitability of every load.

The Dispatch Center uses an intelligent system to calculate load status, including the route and destination. It is able to calculate speed and distance to help your fleet make the most accurate delivery times. The Dispatch Center also allows truck drivers to view the status of their loads and make decisions based on the best available conditions.


123LoadBoard is a freight matching network. By using their mobile app, truckers can easily find available loads to haul and save money on fuel. Using GPS for a prolonged period of time can dramatically reduce battery life. The app is free to use and works on any phone or tablet.

123Loadboard’s founders recognized a need for a freight matching platform where truckers and shippers could connect and negotiate rates and terms for individual loads. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest freight matching platforms in the northern hemisphere. The company is committed to improving its technology and customer experience and continues to develop new tools that help truckers and shippers find new opportunities. The company also focuses on keeping subscription costs competitive.

123Loadboard’s freight matching marketplace features easy-to-use tools to connect truck drivers, shippers, brokers, and truckload carriers. With over 100,000 loads posted daily, the site is the ideal place to find loads for your truck. It also provides comprehensive information on load payment rates, credit reports, and mileage. Additionally, it also offers a free mobile app for drivers to connect with other truckers and make more loaded miles.


The Convoy load board is a digital freight marketplace powered by the Convoy platform. Its mission is to create a fully connected and open marketplace for carriers and shippers. The platform has a powerful flywheel that enables it to match drivers and loads with better match rates. This increases efficiency and helps reduce costs for shippers. It also allows drivers to earn more.

The load board was publicly announced in mid-November. The company had been working on its own platform for more than a year and a half before the public launch. The move was discovered after DAT rejected a renewal contract with Convoy. DAT based its findings on a press release from Convoy stating that the company has been developing the platform for more than a year.

Convoy has raised more than $260 million from investors. This funding will enable the company to continue expanding its network and attract new truckers. The company has already attracted more than 5,000 trucking companies and nearly 500 shippers. It is currently operating with over 1,000 employees and serves major companies such as Unilever and P&G.


The DAT load board is a great tool to help truckers find loads. It allows drivers and brokers to connect directly, allowing drivers to match loads to trucks at the right price. DAT also monitors market trends and capacity to help drivers find the right truck for their needs. It’s a great tool for truckers who want to grow their trucking businesses, and brokers who want to find loads quickly.

With over 1.37 million active loads posted every business day, DAT is the leading load board in the industry. The site allows truckload brokers to access over three times more carriers than other load boards. The platform also offers the most accurate carrier histories and freight rates. By using the DAT load board, truckers and brokers can easily find the best loads, regardless of their location. DAT’s load board is also free to use, and it doesn’t require any add-on fees to use.

DAT Load Board subscribers can also access DAT One mobile. This app includes all of the DAT load board’s features with no hidden costs. Subscribers can search for new loads on the DAT network, post their trucks for brokers to see, and adjust their search filters. They can also choose to receive alerts whenever a load matches their requirements.

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