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How to Make the Most of Digital Channels for Your Business


Email is still an essential communication channel, but it is not always the best option for conversations that require more human connection and time. Over the last several years, digital communication channels have been growing in popularity, especially business chat apps such as Slack, which have over 10 million daily users. These new tools aim to replace email as the primary form of workplace communication. But how do you make the most of these tools? Here are some tips. Using digital communication channels for your business can make a world of difference.


In today’s world, communication through email has become more important than ever. While email began as a purely textual medium, it has evolved to embrace new technologies and become a mobile-first channel. According to Litmus’ Email Analytics, 55% of email opens are made on mobile devices. This means that responsive newsletters are no longer optional. Customers are more connected and empowered than ever before, and the failure to optimize emails for mobile devices can lead to 69% unsubscribe rates.

When choosing an email vendor, look for an ESP with a customer-centric mindset and proactive customer support. This company will be proactive in providing help and resources to their customers, including helpful articles, webinars, video tutorials, and informative blog posts. If the customer support team is available in your time zone, you can count on them to provide the help you need. Ultimately, email will serve as your communication channel. If your company is a digital enterprise, email marketing should be your first channel of choice.

Video calls

For customer service teams, integrating video chat into their daily routine is a good idea, but they should also know the limitations of this technology. In some cases, video chat doesn’t work well for simple questions or situations where customer care agents can be rushed. In these situations, it’s better to have chatbots or canned responses, which can answer most common questions quickly. FAQs can help reduce the number of customer inquiries, too.

Customers have embraced video as a means of customer service and expect brands to provide this feature. Real-time video interactions with customer service agents can help brands unite the multichannel experience and encourage customer loyalty. Moreover, 80% of customers say they will return to a business that provides a seamless experience across all channels. Video calls can help businesses achieve these goals and more. In fact, 75% of consumers say video improves the customer experience more than telephony.

Social media

With over two billion monthly active users and a number one market position, social media has a huge impact on business. Social media allows marketers to communicate with their target audience and create social interactions on e-commerce websites. The ability to gather information on target customers and potential customers helps them promote products and services and collects valid leads. Businesses can take advantage of social media in many different ways to reach a large audience and build lasting relationships.

The best way to get the most out of social media is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Make sure to post thoughtful, engaging content that serves the purpose of your business. Use appropriate photos, captions, and hashtags to engage your audience. You can also use publishing tools to preview posts before posting. The best practices also include engaging content in a conversational tone. If you can’t find a writer with the right skills, consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Paid ads

There are various types of paid advertising, each with a specific purpose and method of payment. Most of these advertising channels are paid-for, with costs depending on the channel and the duration of the ad. Pay-per-click, for example, is a performance-based metric used to measure the number of clicks a brand receives. Display ads, on the other hand, use a dynamic ad format to target consumers who are already interested in a specific product or service.

When it comes to targeting audiences, paid digital channels are ideal for businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness. You can target specific demographics, locations, or even job titles to reach an audience that is interested in your products. This type of advertising strategy also provides definite metrics, so you can measure and track the progress of your campaign and adjust it as necessary. Depending on your budget, you can target untapped audiences with paid ads.

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