BusinessGifts For a History Lover

Gifts For a History Lover


Gifts for a History Lover can range from T-shirts and Journals to books, coffee mugs and T-shirts. Here are a few suggestions. Books: This is a great gift for a history lover who loves reading. But if you don’t know where to start, you can start with the books below.


If you’re a history lover, you know the value of reading history books. The best history books are not dry and boring, but they are well-researched and enjoyable. They also make great gifts for history buffs. The following selection of history books is perfect for anyone who enjoys reading about the past.

“500 Things” by Charles Panati – This history book gives a brief history of 500 everyday objects, customs, foods, and superstitions. “Low Points in History” by Doris Flexner and Stuart Berg Flexner – This book includes interesting blurbs about the low points in history. It’s a chronological look at the low points of history.


For the history lover in your life, there is a history lover t-shirt made just for you. Designed by independent artists, History Lovers t-shirts come in many colors and sizes. Choose from classic v-neck or crew-neck t-shirts, slim-fit t-shirts, or moisture-wicking active t-shirts.

History nerds will love these gifts – t-shirts, apparel, or board games. These gifts are sure to keep your history lover happy for years to come.


If you love history and want to learn more about the past, you might want to start reading some history journals. Many of these journals are available online, and you can even subscribe to some of them. Some of these history journals offer original research articles, while others feature essays on historical societies’ holdings, educational programs, and more. You can also submit book reviews to some of these journals.

The undergraduate history journal Foundations is one such journal. It publishes original historical research and is edited by undergraduate students with the help of a faculty board. Submissions are accepted throughout the academic year and during the summer.

HISTORY Vault subscription

History Vault offers an extensive library of video content, spanning ancient civilizations to modern politics. The library is constantly updated, and there are new shows added every day. History Vault also includes over 100 biographical documentaries. Users can also watch full seasons of popular series, such as American Restoration, Ancient Aliens, Ice Road Truckers, and Modern Marvels.

The History Vault offers hundreds of hours of documentary programming, many of which is commercial-free. The archive includes a documentary series about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American fliers of WWII. These men broke the color barrier in the war, and fought and lived in Africa and Europe. The series also includes non-flying supporting characters.


For history lovers, a variety of history-themed games are available. Games like Assassin’s Creed III blend a fictional story with many eras of world history. In the game, players are placed in the memory of their assassin ancestors and must use their skills to carry out their tasks. The game features many famous historical figures and includes combat and open-world environments.

Timeline is another game that requires you to place historical events into context. The game features double-sided cards that feature historical events and their dates. The object is to place these cards into a communal timeline.

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