FashionBuying a Pearl Set

Buying a Pearl Set


Purchasing a Pearl Set for yourself can be a great way to add a little elegance to your look. The style and color of the pearl are essential aspects to consider when choosing the perfect piece. Pearls can come from various sources, such as Japanese White Akoya, Freshwater, or South Sea. Depending on the type of pearl, a set can include earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Pearls can range in size, so consider what style you want.

Cultured pearls

A cultured pearl is a real pearl formed in an oyster by human intervention. Pearls are found both in seawater and freshwater. 95% of pearls sold in stores today are cultured pearls. A cultured pearl is much easier to cultivate and can be crafted into a variety of jewelry. Because pearl cultivators work with live oysters, their survival rate is higher than that of wild pearls. They are also much less expensive than their natural counterparts, and are often mounted in gold or diamond base jewelry.

South Sea pearls

You will find a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices for South Sea pearls. The perfect round pearl, for example, represents the top 1% of the pearl harvest. It has a bright, even color, and its surface is composed of thick nacre. Only about five percent of the pearl’s surface is blemished. This makes it one of the most expensive and valuable pearls in the world. You can find a perfect round pearl that’s nearly round, or a spherical pearl that is near-round in shape.

Tahitian pearls

When buying a Tahitian pearl set, it’s important to understand how they will look and feel in different kinds of lighting. While some pearls can withstand water for short periods of time, they are not durable enough to wear in the ocean. Rather, these delicate pieces are best stored in a case where they can be protected from exposure to water. A Tahitian pearl set will have to be cared for differently than other jewelry pieces.

Cultured conch pearls

There are many different types of cultured conch pearls. The size and shape of the pearls varies depending on the recipient, the nucleus of the oyster, the time of culture, and the condition of the shell. The size of the cultured pearl may be anything from 2mm to 15mm in diameter. In some cases, they can be less than 2mm in diameter. Cultured conch pearls range in size from three to five millimeters.

Cultured coin pearls

A coin pearl is a type of cultured pearl. It is formed by inserting a disc-shaped pearl bead nucleus inside the mollusk. The mollusk then produces a layer of nacre around the nucleus. This is different from the nucleus of most other cultured pearls because it is made of shell material instead of nacre. Because of this, coin pearls are larger than their traditional freshwater counterparts.

Freshwater cultured pearls

Among the differences between saltwater and freshwater pearls is the shape of the pearls. While freshwater pearls are often round and flat, most people would prefer a perfectly shaped, round pearl. The perfect round shape of Akoya pearls has earned them the name “Eight Way Rollers” in the pearl world. They are also the most popular variety of cultured pearls due to their stellar luster.

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