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Arthritis and Exercise


There are several ways to treat arthritis, including exercise. Drugs can help reduce inflammation and limit joint damage. Surgery may be necessary to limit further joint damage. Other options include other forms of therapy, such as surgery to repair damaged cartilage or to limit joint damage. Your doctor will discuss which of these options are best for you, and what to expect during your visit. Before your appointment, prepare a list of questions you would like to ask your doctor.

Exercise helps relieve arthritis pain

In addition to managing the symptoms of arthritis, exercise can also help increase your range of motion, strengthen your bones, and fight fatigue. An exercise program that is moderate in intensity and duration can relieve arthritis pain and keep you active while maintaining a healthy weight. Exercise is especially important for people with arthritis because strong muscles help support and protect joints. Weak muscles put more stress on joints. Make sure to discuss an exercise plan with your doctor or physical therapist before beginning an exercise program.

Walking is a low-impact aerobic exercise that anyone can do. Walking increases your range of motion, strengthens your bones, and shifts weight off of your joints. Walking is an excellent exercise for reducing pain associated with arthritis. Walking for 150 minutes a week can significantly reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Walking is also an effective form of exercise for arthritis sufferers, as it is safe, low-impact, and can be done by anyone.

Drugs can reduce inflammation

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can relieve pain and inflammation in RA. These drugs can be purchased over the counter or administered by injection into the affected joint. NSAIDs can reduce inflammation and pain but they can be addictive and may increase the risk of other conditions. Injections of steroids can be used as a treatment for RA pain and are generally prescribed only after a physician determines that they are the most appropriate course of treatment.

Treatments for RA can vary widely, and the right course of treatment will depend on individual factors and potential side effects. Once inflammation has been controlled, the dose can be increased until side effects are unacceptable. In the end, the need for effective pain management must be balanced against the risk of side effects. In addition, treatment may also be tailored to individual circumstances, such as liver or kidney conditions. Drugs can reduce inflammation while boosting other treatment options.

Surgery can limit further joint damage

Inflammatory arthritis often requires joint surgery to relieve pain and restore function. A surgeon can limit further damage to joints and cartilage by removing the inflamed synovium. Surgical options include arthroscopy and open surgery. Surgical procedures improve function and limit joint damage, and can limit pain and limit range of motion. Your doctor will choose the right procedure for your arthritis, based on your age, symptoms, and overall health. Depending on the severity of your disease, you may need to undergo several surgical procedures in one hospital stay. This will help minimize the length of recovery and offer psychological benefits.

Although surgery can limit further joint damage, patients with serious health conditions are at higher risk for surgical complications. These complications include lowered immunity from drug therapy, poor bone quality, and deformities of the joint. In addition to these risks, patients with specific diagnoses have particular risk factors. High doses of steroid medications may cause avascular necrosis, or bone death. Additionally, patients with Ankylosing spondylitis may have problems regaining motion after surgery.

Other treatments are available

While you may be aware of the over-the-counter pain relievers Tylenol (acetaminophen) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Aspirin, Aleve, or Motrin, these medications do not cure your arthritis. While they can be effective for pain relief, these drugs may increase your risk of heart attack and stomach bleeding, so they are generally best used as a last resort.

Physical therapy is another option for arthritis patients. Physical therapy can offer significant benefits to those with the condition. However, physical therapy may not be effective for everyone, and you must use it for three to six months before seeing results. While physical therapy is not a cure for arthritis, it can help reduce the pain and improve your quality of life. Using ice packs and hot and cold therapy can reduce the inflammation and relieve pain and stiffness.

Fish oil capsules may reduce pain and swelling. EPA/DHA supplements may also help. The effects of fish oil are similar to those of animal fats, and a diet low in animal fats can have the same effect. Physical therapy can also help increase joint function and improve flexibility. Massage therapy can also be helpful to reduce joint stiffness and increase blood flow to affected joints. Finally, rheumatologists may prescribe medications for patients with arthritis.

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