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Crazy Tooth Studio has been developing slot machines for a few years now. They are a small gaming studio, so their games are secure and safe to play. They are also a Microgaming partner. Let’s learn more about their studio and their games. We’ll look at their CTS Arsenal(tm) engine, their innovative game concept, and their partnership with Microgaming.

Crazy Tooth Studio

Crazy Tooth Studio produces mobile slots, including slot machines for iPad and iPhone. Each of the games is designed to be as smooth and efficient as the original versions, and is optimized to work well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Both Android and iOS devices can run the Crazy Tooth Studio games, but they do require a fast internet connection.

Based in Reno, Nevada, Crazy Tooth Studio focuses on video slot games. It has a long history of collaborating with leading gaming companies. It has released more than 25 games under its own name, as well as those marketed by other companies. The team strives for authenticity and is committed to producing high-quality games.

Their CTS Arsenal(tm) engine

The innovative CTS Arsenal(tm) engine developed by Crazy Tooth Slot Developer is perfect for fast and efficient slot game development. This framework runs on HTML5 and the Unity game engine, and offers a flexible framework that is customizable to fit the needs of any game engine. This allows developers to develop the games without any steep learning curve.

The CTS Arsenal(tm) engine allows the developers of Crazy Tooth Studio to create games that feature vivid color schemes and photo-realistic graphics. This allows the games to be compatible with desktop PCs as well as mobile devices. Designed with the latest technologies, CTS Arsenal’s engine enables developers to produce games in record time.

Their innovative game concept

The Crazy Tooth Slot developer is a full-service gaming studio that prides itself on its innovative game concepts. Their slot games boast vivid colour schemes and photo-realistic graphics. Crazy Tooth’s software is also optimized for mobile devices. The studio also works with large software developers to create slot games for their customers.

Crazy Tooth slots can be played in landscape or portrait modes and include features such as Autoplay and Quickspin. You can also set the amount you want to win and lose, as well as your win limit. The Autoplay feature can play up to 100 rounds in a row. The games are designed for players of all skill levels and are often included in online casino welcome bonuses.

Their partnership with Microgaming

Crazy Tooth Slot Developer’s partnership with the Microgaming Group gives them the power to provide players with a great selection of slot games. The company was established in 2011 and has offices in Reno, Nevada. Its games are based on its own proprietary game development framework, known as the CTS Arsenal.

Crazy Tooth Studio’s slot games feature stunning graphics, exciting sound effects, and fascinating themes. Players can choose from an array of themed slots, including Dreampool, Queen of the Crystal Rays, and Seven 7s. The developers also release games under the Microgaming brand.

Their games

If you’re a fan of fun and quirky games, you’re likely to enjoy Crazy Tooth Slot Developers’ games. This small independent studio is known for creating innovative games and taking risks. Founded in 2011, Crazy Tooth Studio has created over 15 games for IGT, Scientific Games, and Microgaming. These include games like Arctic Valor.

Crazy Tooth Studio games can be played on mobile devices, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. All of their mobile games are optimized for play on both iOS and Android devices. These games are suitable for users of all experience levels, including those with limited screen space. This makes them great for gamers on the go.

Their motto

Crazy Tooth Studio is a design studio that makes slots. Its proprietary development framework, called Arsenal, is based on HTML 5 and the Unity game engine. The studio’s goal is to create unique and unpredictable games that keep players on their toes. Their games have a high RTP, which means that players will expect something new from each release.

Crazy Tooth Studio slots are made with vibrant color schemes and photo-realistic graphics. They are also developed using HTML5 technology so they can work on desktop PCs as well as mobile devices. The studio uses its CTS Arsenal(tm) software package to get games from concept to finished within a record amount of time.

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